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West India Tourism Packages

he western region is home to perfect travel destinations that can fulfill a traveler’s check list with varied prefaces. There are attractive beaches, scenic mountains, adventurous treks, bright cultures and so on.

Best of West India Tour Packages

Undoubtedly, majority of footfall for West India tourism packages comes from bookings for Goa, but other West India tour packages covering noteworthy destinations like Ahmedabad, Ajanta & Ellora, Aurangabad, Khajuraho and Mumbai are also starting to attract tourists in large numbers.

A common question in the minds of travelers when booking package for West India tour is which place to visit at what time of the year. We help you plan your West India holiday in the best manner possible keeping your luxury, comfort and budget in mind.

When to plan Western India Tours?

The peak season to explore the western part of India is in the winter months, starting from November to February. This is because the climate is extremely comfortable allowing you to attend most of the outdoor fairs and festivals. Additionally, you may add 4 – 5 destinations in the close proximity to make your vacation to Western India fun, engaging and memorable.

Mystic India Tourism can book end to end holiday packages that let you rejuvenate in the heart of Western India. Explore our various West India itineraries given above, view details and enquire. We GUARANTEE you will get discounted deal on any West India holiday packages that you will book with us.

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